Fluency & Flow
Fall Enrollment: Sept 9.
Course begins Sept 23. Limited Availability.


Fluency & Flow
Fall Enrollment: Sept 9.
Course begins Sept 23. Limited Availability.


An in depth course that covers every aspect of oil painting to transform you from student to artist and achieve flow.

In order for you to get the most out of it, as well as time for individual critiques during the live calls, this course will be limited to 20 participants.    For more information, book a call.

Course closed. Please sign up to be notified for Fall 2019




Where will the course be taught?
The course is taught online using the via step by step video tutorials on Teachable, hand outs as well as 8 live sessions and progress review will be held over a ten week period, exact dates and times will be determined after the time zones of all the students are assessed. Any missed live sessions will be recorded for future viewing.

How long will I have access to the class?
For at least a year after it begins.  The lessons are revealed weekly beginning July 8th.  The live sessions will accompany the weekly lessons.

What If I don’t have an art studio?
Not to worry.  Because the methods taught do emit harmful fumes you can set up anywhere. The first assignment is working with you to set up a space where you can paint regularly. All you need is a small table, access to a sink, easel or wall.

How will i know what to buy when I sign up?
Before the course begins, you will be given access to a starter supplies, including non art supply essentials list with links for where to purchase online. After you go through each materials module (Paint, Mediums, Surfaces) that you can make intelligent purchase decisions based on the budget and quality that works best for you.

Is there a reading list?
Different modules/weeks will be highlighting different books from art history, philosophy, fiction and non-fiction. Expanding your knowledge through reading materials when not painting is an integral part of the course and your growth as an artist.

Can I work at my own pace?
The modules will be revealed weekly with straight forward assignments that build on each other after which they stay available.

Who is the audience for this class?
-Intermediate and advanced oil painters who want more in-depth materials knowledge, guiding principles to accelerate their flow and the desire to paint without solvents;
-Artists from other painting media looking to switch to oil;
-Creative professionals who already have a developed aesthetic and want to express it in a new way.
-Scientists and engineers who want to develop the right side of their brain
-Serious Beginners who want the foundations to build their own safe, paint-anywhere practice.


Kimberly Brooks is an exhibiting artist, an award winning educator, and has worked with artists around the country help take their practice to the next level. She is the author of Oil Painting Safe Practices Materials & Supplies: The Essential Guide, a culmination of over twenty-five years of experience in oil painting, with the last decade focused on how to paint in the safest way possible.


Taking an intensive oil painting class from Kimberly Brooks radically changed my art practice. Not only did I gain an incredible respect for the act of oil painting, I also developed an intense interest to push myself beyond my limits of knowledge and to embrace all the unique techniques that make oil painting so captivating. Kimberly Brooks has a deep well of oil painting knowledge that she freely shared with me, and our group. With great enthusiasm Brooks encouraged each of us to keep experimenting and paying attention to our results so that we could gain ownership of our preferences, styles and abilities. Each day I grew in confidence and looked for moments of revelation to become part of my advancement in oil painting. Behind humor and spontaneous disciplinary comments, Brooks delivered outstanding tidbits of wisdom that I am forever grateful. I know for certain, that as I progress in my oil painting art practice, I will often be reminded of her gregarious smile, animated comments, vampire stories, and genuine generosity to share her artistic intelligence. Kimberly Brooks impact on my art life is indelible.

– Gail M., Artist


Throughout the course I have regained my desire to grow as a painter. You unlocked some sort of creative block that I wasn’t even aware I had. I would paint but with little regularity, consistency and often times when I would paint it would not be for myself. I was hesitant to touch the canvas because I was allowing myself to be completely overtaken with fear the how I was going to approach the painting. In no way was I asking myself the right questions, like what kind of color palette would I use or how would I compose my images to make them appear as part of a series. After the first couple of paintings you gave me the language to find how I wanted to express myself through painting and reinvigorated my love for it. Now, with my creative block gone, it feels as if paintings are dripping from my fingertips with such a sense of urgency that I can barely keep up!

– Brittany W., Artist


Kimberly brooks has inspired me and guided me to where I feel confident as a painter. She is positive, informative and really cares that people improve in her classes. Best art teacher I have ever had.

-Anthony H., Architect


Kimberly is a passionate ambassador of art. Full of energy, connects with each and every student, a treasure trove of tips and techniques. She helped me understand just what goes into an oil painting…and the infinite possibilities for where that painting can go. Her critiques are frank, honest and compassionate. I often recommend her class to other beginning and intermediate painters.

-Karen C., Photographer/Painter


Kimberly brooks has inspired me and guided me to where I feel confident as a painter. She is positive, informative and really cares that people improve in her classes. Best art teacher I have ever had.

-Karim H., Multimedia Artist


Kimberly Brooks is both an incredible painter and painting instructor. During each class, I thoroughly enjoy her perspective, stories about her own past, and enthusiastic love of the craft.

She is so generous with her knowledge about the materials. She is able to breakdown the palettes from our favorite historical painters and easily connect the dots to create our own masterpieces.

I also really appreciate her knowledge of other contemporary artists, and the art industry at large. Through her live-streamed studio visits and own experiences, she shares insight on how to stand out in a crowded field. I feel like my knowledge about the contemporary art scene went from 0-60 throughout the course.

What I found most important was her information on safe practices and encouragement to remove toxins from oil painting. Like her, I often felt very sick after painting which made me give it up many times. By following her instructions and recommendations, I no longer use any toxic solvents and I can now spend the time needed to find my flow.

Taking her course is not just a flash-in-the-pan experience. It is joining a network of other artists both locally and globally. It makes you look at your work objectively while having the encouragement of a coach on your sidelines.

Abbey Golden, Los Angeles